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Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

Thank you for your participation in Harvard Model United Nations India 2018. This year, we witnessed students from across India and 10 other countries around the world come together to debate pressing issues, craft solutions of impact, and make lasting friendships. This year's conference was the best yet, and it would not have been possible without your efforts.

Since its inception, HMUN India has sought to empower and educate young minds from across South Asia and around the world. The conference brings together passionate high school delegates to discuss problems of international importance and, more importantly, brainstorm solutions for the future. HMUN India is driven by an educational mission that works to shed light on the importance of critical thinking and the arts of diplomacy and collaboration. Additionally, HMUN India fosters key skills such as research, public speaking, debate and negotiation. With Model United Nations at its heart, HMUN India strives to inspire delegates to think critically about the world around them and take action beyond the committee room.

The work we saw demonstrated at the eighth session of HMUN India raised our spirits and inspired hope. Despite the many problems facing the world, we believe in the power of young people to change the world. We believe in all of you.

Though we must all wait another year before meeting in Hyderabad for HMUN India 2019, let us keep up the impact and innovation. Every delegate, faculty adviser, and staff member has the potential to make a difference, we encourage you all to ACT TO IMPACT in the coming year. If you have any questions about how to get involved in your local community or in international change, please reach out to us at HMUN India. Let conference be the tip of the iceberg-- get out there to change the world today!


Eliza R. Ennis
Harvard Model United Nations India 2018