Conference Theme

This year, HMUN India will focus on the theme Act to Impact, which involves inspiring delegates to turn what they learn and practice in committee into real-world initiatives in their communities. We take the words of our Mission Statement to heart: “above all, we hope that HMUN India will challenge and inspire students to take the lessons learned at conference beyond the committee room, continuing to grapple with the complex issues in the world today and work towards change.”

International political conflict, rising global inequality, and climate change-driven natural disasters are just a few of the many issues our global community face. Beginning with public discourse, HMUN India 2018 hopes to emphasize the importance of translating dialogue into real action in order to improve the state of our world.

Our committees at HMUN India embody global platforms of discussion and cooperation. They seek to push delegates to research and understand social, economic, and political issues and then work together to craft real solutions. These committees symbolize a space for different nations and political leaders to voice their opinions, to draft proposals and collaborate on global policy that will inspire meaningful change.

Throughout conference and its lead-up, we will provide delegates opportunities to learn from others, think through pressing issues, and plan solutions, all with the ultimate goal of encouraging them to engage in important discussions and take action beyond conference. In our 16 substantive committees, students will engage in public speaking and problem-solving in relation to the crises of the past, present, and future. Through our RESOLVE program, pre-conference training sessions and webinars, and connections to Harvard student directors, delegates will have the opportunity to learn strategies for resolution writing, negotiation, and creative thinking. From the involvement of keynote speakers and our Leadership Forum, students will get to see models of others taking action.

At the core of this conference’s theme is the focus on the impact that HMUN India participants can have beyond conference and within their communities, taking the dialogue from the hypothetical to the actionable.

Action Steps

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

Step One — Sign the Pledge

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Step Two — Advocate for an Issue

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Step Three — Take Action

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