Conference Theme

This year, HMUN India will be run with a focus on the important message of Development through Diversity.

Please see below for a better understanding of what this conference theme means to the secretariat and how we hope it will empower delegates at the seventh session of HMUN India and beyond.

HMUN India 2017 Conference Theme

The conference theme for HMUN India 2017, “Development through Diversity” seeks to highlight the importance of diversity in opinions, thoughts, and experiences as necessary to achieve sustainable development. Now, more than ever, the public is challenged by efforts to undermine the diversity of our community and instead succumb to thoughts and ideas that lack the change necessary spur our development and that of generations to follow.

HMUN India 2017 disagrees with this vision of the future. Instead, we strive to bring together student leaders who hope to improve their societies through innovative and wide-ranging voices. Our committees embody global platforms of discussion and cooperation. They seek to develop the world socially, economically, and politically to create a better future for all of us, not just those with access to capital or political influence. These committees symbolize a space for different nations and political leaders to voice their opinions, to draft proposals and collaborate on global policy that will inspire meaningful change.

These forums of debate will serve as vehicles where the diplomatic goals of HMUN India 2017 can be achieved. During the dates of conference, we aspire to see delegates from around South Asia, and across the World paving the way to development by building upon their own unique ideas as well as those of their peers.

At the core of this year’s theme, HMUN India commits to its mission of teaching delegates that only by embracing diversity of thought and ideals can one create better solutions and a stronger community.

The Impact Initiative


HMUN India is extremely proud to introduce another exciting iteration of the beloved Impact Initiative. After three successful iterations, this will continue to be used as a platform for giving voice to individuals and organizations working towards achieving the sustainable development goals. Additionally, we hope delegates will utilize this opportunity to actively engage with their communities.

Through the Impact Initiative, delegates will be able to share stories of their own unsung heroes through a short video documenting the impact created in working towards any of the seventeen Global Goals. This portion of the Impact Initiative will be similar to previous years, and we hope you will consider participating!

If you would like to learn more, please refer to the FAQs below!

Why should you participate?

The HMUN India Impact Initiative is a platform for students to learn from, interact with, and ultimately recognize organizations and individuals working towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the ethos of the United Nations organization itself.

  • We want to help people do good. We believe that these inspiring stories and writings will motivate more people to do the right thing and kickstart real change in a very dynamic global community.
  • Videos and stories are a great way to spread the message regarding global issues.
  • Being recognized is a great feeling. There are hundreds of organizations and individuals that are doing great work, and have incredible ideas for our future, but they have no platform by which to be recognized. This is an effort to recognize these unsung heroes, and shed light on the bright students that come to HMUN India, like you.
  • Finding and listening to these stories creates a deeper understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can contribute towards achieving them.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

In September 2015, 193 countries including India signed the United Nations Declaration for Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, committing to eradicate extreme poverty in all its forms and putting the world on track to sustainable global development while combatting key issues such as climate change and protection of the environment.

To help track progress towards these commitments, a set of time-bound quantified goals called the Global Goals for Sustainable Development were established. These goals include reducing income poverty, hunger, disease, environmental degradation, and gender discrimination, all of which are critical benchmarks to building a better world.

What should you do to participate?

Video Submission.

Look out for organizations and individuals who have been doing great work towards achieveing any of the SDGs, and find one that excites you. Meet with them and record their story and journey in a short video (3 to 4 minutes). Send it to us at, and we will help you share their story. Specific information and guidelines regarding video submissions will be released soon!