Conference Theme

This year, HMUN India will focus on the theme Act to Impact, which involves inspiring delegates to turn what they learn and practice in committee into real-world initiatives in their communities. We take the words of our Mission Statement to heart: “above all, we hope that HMUN India will challenge and inspire students to take the lessons learned at conference beyond the committee room, continuing to grapple with the complex issues in the world today and work towards change.”

International political conflict, rising global inequality, and climate change-driven natural disasters are just a few of the many issues our global community face. Beginning with public discourse, HMUN India 2018 hopes to emphasize the importance of translating dialogue into real action in order to improve the state of our world. At the core of this conference’s theme is the focus on the impact that HMUN India participants can have beyond conference and within their communities, taking the dialogue from the hypothetical to the actionable.

From Committee to the Community

Our committees at HMUN India embody global platforms of discussion and cooperation. They seek to push delegates to research and understand social, economic, and political issues and then work together to craft real solutions. These committees symbolize a space for different nations and political leaders to voice their opinions, to draft proposals and collaborate on global policy that will inspire meaningful change.

This year, we have refocused our committees to focus on many of the Sustainable Development Goals, hoping to inspire action in the Areas that the United Nations has deemed most necessary in the coming years. In the topic area summaries for each committee, you will can learn more about how they relate to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Mentorship & Support

Throughout conference and its lead-up, we will provide delegates opportunities to learn from others, think through pressing issues, and plan solutions, all with the ultimate goal of encouraging them to engage in important discussions and take action beyond conference. In our 16 substantive committees, students will engage in public speaking and problem-solving in relation to the crises of the past, present, and future. Yet, mentorship and skills training begins far before conference!

By signing up for our RESOLVE program, delegates can experience small group mentorship with HMUN India Secretariat and Directors. The focus of RESOLVE is to blend Model UN training with leadership development in anticipation of conference and future action. Through connections to Harvard student directors, delegates will have the opportunity to learn strategies for resolution writing, negotiation, and creative thinking. Other pre-conference training include our Webinar Series, which will begin in late June, and in-person training before committee begins.

And finally, at conference delegates will have the opportunity to learn from their committee discussions and create solutions. Outside of committee session, there will also be involvement of keynote speakers and our Leadership Forum, through which students will get to see models of others taking action.

Impact Initiative

The HMUN India Impact Initiative is a platform for students to pledge to issues they care about, plan solutions, and act to change their communities, working towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the ethos of the United Nations organization itself. This year's Impact Initiative will take place in two steps: Sign the Pledge & Take Action. While students are encouraged to take part in each stage of the action process, we emphasize the importance of completing any of the steps.

Delegates will be recognized for their participation in the second step of the project at HMUN India 2018. The group or individual (maximum: 3 people) with the best project will be eligible for an all-expenses-paid trip to attend our sister conference, HMUN Boston in the United States in late January 2019. Selected winners will be announced at HMUN India 2018 closing ceremonies.

Step 1: Sign the Pledge

The first step, known as our "pledge" step, is a committment to an issue that affects local and international communities. Click on this form or click on one of the images below for more details on the three areas of pledges. By pledging today, you are recognizing an important problem and can begin thinking of ways that you can make a difference. Share on social media with #Act2Impact and #HMUNIndia2018.

Access and Education
A pledge for future students
Basic Needs
A pledge to help the most in need
A pledge for our planet

I pledge to — Access and Education

If you choose to pledge to improve equality of opportunity as it related to education, think about what your education means to you. Why is it important that everyone get a chance to learn? What can literacy do? Why is it harder for some people to go to school?

As you think about these issues, also think about solutions that you can implement. Will you educate others? Promote gender equity? Try to convince politicians to address this problem?

Fill out this form to commit today, and then share your pledge on social media.

I pledge to — Basic Needs

If you choose to pledge to help basic needs, think about why this is important. What fundamental goods and services do you have access to on a daily basis that others might not have? Why are things like clean water, healthy food, and shelter important?

As you think about these issues, also think about solutions that you can implement. Will you volunteer? Raise money? Educate others? Try to convince politicians to address this problem?

Fill out this form to commit today, and then share your pledge on social media.

I pledge to — Sustainability

If you choose to pledge to sustainability, it is important to think about what this word means to you. Sustainability involves promoting ways of living that protect nature and planet earth and decrease the amount of damage done to the world around us. Pollution and inefficient waste are two big environmental problems you could think about.

As you think about these issues, also think about solutions that you can implement. Will you start to recycle? Will you turn off electronic devices and convince others to do the same? Will you pick up trash?

Fill out this form to commit today, and then share your pledge on social media.

Step 2: Take Action

This step includes advocating for an issue and taking action, both of which aim to take the skills and problem-solving of committee into the real world. Winners of this step (maximum: 3) may be eligible for an all-expenses-paid slot at our sister conference, HMUN Boston in the United States. Read more below!

Advocate for an Issue
Option 1
Create Community Change
Option 2

Advocate for an Issue

After you pledge to an issue, you can think about the intricacies of the issue itself. Why hasn't it already been solved? What solutions currently exist? How have conversations on your chosen problem changed over time?

Option 1 in Taking Action involves writing an article or making a short video that describes the issue in depth, analyzes contributing factors, and examines potential solutions. Research articles and project proposals for innovative solutions are both accepted.

Articles should emulate journalistic style, but can take on an opinion perspective if needed. Project proposals should include an introductory section with background on the issue. Please email with your final submission or with any questions. In your email, make sure to include your name, your school’s name and location, and your faculty advisor’s name.

Highly commendable articles or project proposals may have the opportunity to be published on the HMUN India website.

Create Change in the Community

Delegates choosing this option will implement a project in their community to volunteer, teach, and/or create new solutions for a problem facing their school, city, or region. Then, students will submit a 3-5 minute video explaining their project and shoing their work in action. Begin by describing the problem in your community that you are trying to address and then show your execution of solutions to address that problem. This video project can be a group project, with up to 3 HMUN India delegates. We also encourage you to upload your video to Youtube so that you can to inspire other individuals around the world to ACT to IMPACT their own communities.

Though videos can be impactful in themselves, we also understand that not all delegates will have access to videography tools. Thus, we will also accept other forms of documentation that you have made an impact in your community. If you choose to pursue this route, you should have an essay explaining your project plan and how it worked out, as well as photographs and/or drawings of the project.

Project ideas include teaching about an important issue at a local school or volunteering on an environmental project, though we are looking for new and effective solutions to local problems, so be creative! For an example of a very well-done project, check out this video about a student group in Bolivia. Your project need not be as ambitious as the projects that this nonprofit organization is implementing, but this video provides a good example of a video that clearly describes the problems being addressed and video footage of the implementation of solutions in the community.

To complete this option, email a copy of the complete video file (ideally .MP4 or .MOV video file format) or other documentation to In your email, make sure to include your name, your school’s name and location, and your faculty advisor’s name.

Tentative Deadline: Monday, July 23, 2018 (same deadline as Regular Registration and Fees) The best project (with a well-made video) may have the opportunity for their group members to attend the Harvard Model United Nations 2019 conference in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States in late January 2019 free-of-charge, with flights, hotel accommodations, and conference fees paid for.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Impact Initiative at
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